Best beaches

Spain Has The Best Beaches

Spain hijack again first place in competition for the best beaches. 540 Spanish beaches - 29 more than last year - this summer, hoisting the coveted "Blue Flag".

The international "Blue Flag" jury has now handed his high hanging awards for 2012. At a press conference in Madrid last month it was reported that 3,098 beaches and 646 marinas in the northern hemisphere this year gets the nice distinction.


For the ailing Spain's "Blue Flag" record a good and important news. In the battle to hijack the summer tourists are few things more important than just the many quality beaches with a clean and inviting ocean.

With its total of 638 blue flags for 540 beaches and 98 for marinas, it means that almost every six Blue Flag in 2012, hoisted on Spanish soil.


The entire 46 countries of the northern hemisphere when we enter the peak season for sunbathing, participated in this year of approval. Here are the countries with the best beaches:

1st Spain 540 beaches

2nd Greece 394 beaches

3rd France 358 beaches

4th Turkey 355 beaches

5th Portugal 275 beaches

6th Denmark 253 beaches

7th Italy 247 beaches